10 Best Air Impact Wrench in 2018 [ Reviewed After Research ]

Finding the best Air Impact Wrench is definitely a great deal. Their highest quality can only be confirmed by confirming the materials quality it contains. For that, you need to know what the materials are built with. Keeping that in mind we incorporated all the considerable issues in my buying guide so that you can fairly observe and experiment over these 10 top air impact wrenches and get your best one according to your requirements. Another noticeable fact is the budget.

No matter how hard a particular work or project apparently seems to you the best thing is you need to find the easiest way to accomplish it. Similarly, when it comes to install and remove nuts and bolts or large project such as rebuilding the engine, tire rotation, believe me you have no better option than the Air Impact Wrench.

In other words, for these mentioned purposes air impacts have no alternative that can make the job so quickly and proper the way it does.

Everyone wants to have the best quality product within their budget no matter how high or low it is. That’s sound really goods since product quality depends more on their category or power ranges than their price in this case.

In other words, you can choose a quality air impact wrenches within a modest budget by considering their power segment. And of course, some minor but very important issues such as drive size, impacts per minute, ergonomics etc should be consciously considered while buying.

Best High Torque Air Impact Wrenches
(From 1000- 1400 FT/LBS )

Air Impact Wrenches can be categorized into three stages according to their power range: High, Mid and low. In every individual category there are so many products included and for your convenience, with budget and quality, we have selected the best ones from every category.

For the highest level of torque, you need to go for the impact wrenches that perform with over 1200-feet pound. Wrenches with this power range may come with a large price tag but they will not compromise in terms of ease and convenience and make the job done in the most perfect and quickest way.

Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMax - Most Powerful 1/2 Air Impact Gun 2018

Including 1350 ft-lbs nut-busting reverse torque this Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMax features almost all the specifications to be your one of the best reliable impact wrenches.

With the twin-hammer mechanism, this impact wrench is fairly able to tackle the toughest bolts. It comes with a very lightweight that allows you to make your job done with ease and without fatigue.

The four position power regulator including the one-handed reverse button is there to fine-tune the torque output. To ensure its highest performance it has been rigorously tested and precisely beaten up on their anvils. Its reliability and durability are ensured by the titanium hammer cases and rugged composite housing.

So it can easily maintain its best performance even in the harshest working environment. From the garage to demanding industrial job sites this impact wrench can be a staple in your toolbox indeed. This powerful and durable workhorse is weighing only at 4.6 pounds and Backed with a two-year warranty.

Features and Benefits

  • ½ inch Air Impact Wrench features a powerful torque output
  • Perfect for any heavy-duty application with 1,350 foot-pounds of nut busting torque level
  • Comes with a very light weight that allows working for longer stretches of time with ease and comfort.
  • Coupled with a titanium hammer case and steel plate that ensures durability even in the harshest working environment.
  • For every individual task and according to the demands you can switch between power modes and torque adjustment output by using the four-position power regulator. 
  • Each and every parts and components are precisely beaten up on the anvil and rigorously tasted to ensure long lasting performance.  

NitroCat 1200-k ½ inch Kevlar composite Air Impact Wrench

This Air Impact Wrench is specially modified for the home users and light industrial users.  Featuring all the required options this powerful impact wrench is fairly worth to make you facilitated.

For ½ inch wrench application, it is certainly the ideal one. It comes with Kevlar composing housing that ensures its durability and long lasting performance in rude ad harsh working environment.

It possesses a modest weight that allows you to handle it with comfort and work for a long time without fatigue. Most importantly it substantially reduces and manages noise at 86 Dab which is comparatively less than other wrenches.

This NitroCat square drive impact wrench has been using by the NHRA Top fuel race team for a long time with great reliability. With 1,295 ft.-lbs of torque, it accelerates the smoothness and quickens the installment and removal.

This patented tune exhaust can customize its power range with the muffler technology that allows passing the discharged air leaving no option for developing back pressure. As there occurs no back pressure while passing the air the power is increased and the noise is reduced automatically.

It incorporates so many sophisticated tools such as pneumatic tools, air ratchets, reversible drills, dry grinders, and cut-off tools that offer a dynamic use of its. Its hammer and twin clutch mechanism offers the power to vacate the debris and keep it away from your face.  

Features and Benefits

  • ½ inch powerful impact wrench with Kevlar composite housing
  • Reduce noise and accelerates power range
  • Hammer and clutch mechanism including the handle exhaust option to keep debris away from the face
  • Flip lever to make the forward and reverse operation easy.
  • 1,295ft.-lbs of torque outperforms anything in it class.
  • 2 years warranty

Ingersoll Rand 2145QiMax ¾ Inch Composite, Quiet Impact Tool

As our third and last impact tool of High power range we can’t but select Ingersoll Rand 2145QiMax impact wrench for its surprising power range despite having an expensive price tag.

Possessing surprisingly 1350 feet pound of reverse torque it can easily handle the toughest bolts with ease and comfort. Not for nothing, it is considered as the best impact wrench currently available in the market.

Despite weighing an expensive price tag it has fascinated both the house users and heavy industrial users with its outstanding performance.  Especially in heavy duty-applications, it has no alternative.

Featuring the 16 percent increased motor efficiency including the 7-vane motor it provides the highest range of power.  It can get into such areas that are quite impossible to reach with other wrenches as it is specially modified for the heavy impacts.

It is very easy to handle for its modest size and weights that make it easier to use for a prolonged period of time. For its industrial grade durability and high power reverse torque, it suits most from bus and truck services to construction and agriculture equipment maintenance.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for industrial uses comes with 1350-feet pond maximum reserve torque and weighs 7. Ponds
  • I6 percent more efficient motor than others including 7-vane motor for extra power.
  • 8.5 CRM air consumption with 1150 blows per minute
  • Reduce noise at the levels of 91.1 dBA
  • ¾ inch impact wrench that can easily reach the toughest areas
  • Able to perform in dynamic areas but especially modified for the industrial and heavy-duty applications.

Best Mid Torque Air Impact Wrenches
(From 700-1000 FT/LBS)  

This category is budget friendly and for those people looking for the impact wrenches that suit most in light industrial work and home usages. Impact wrenches are divided by their power range because there needs a balance between the purpose and power.

In other words for heavy-duty applications you should go for the High range wrenches on the other hand for home usages and light industrial purposes Mid-range impacts wrenches should be your first choice. There for we have put together some best mid-range impact wrenches for your consideration.

Chicago Pneumatic CP7748 ½ Inch Composite Impact Wrench

With maximum 922 ft.lbs – 1250 NM of reverse torque power it is probably the best impact wrench in its class. It is easy to control and work with but available at a very affordable price.

Its contoured grip handle and thermoplastic injected composite housing allows you to work for a long time with great ease and comfort. Super fast and suited with almost all maintenance applications especially tire changing or other general maintenance alike and MRO application.

This ½ Inch impact was introduced not very long ago, probably less than three years ago but immediately gained a solid position on the market due to its solid professional mechanism. It comes over 1200 foot-pound of nut removing power including a well-designed air motor so that you can make your job done as fast as you want without any dirt and debris disturbances.

Features and Benefits

  • Considered as most powerful impact in its class possessing 922 ft-lbs -1250 NM of reverse torque
  • One handed forward reverse with thermo plastic injected composing housing allows to work for long period of time with comfort
  • Unique contoured comfort grip handle instead of TPR injected one including the reverse switch on the back ensures a dynamic performance allowing for three positions in front ,mid and low ( 180,480,230 lbs)
  • Over 1200 foot-pound nut removing power fasten your job like tire changing and others general maintenance alike.  

AIRCAT 1000-TH ½ Inch Composite

This is perhaps, the best one for reducing noise level and customizing power range according to workload. With a strong body construction and internal superior mechanism this AIRCAT 1000 TH can make your investment worth in the fullest sense.

It features an immense number of options including air chambers and turbines that have made the wrench fairly able to deal with the toughest application you are going to have.

With the high-quality bearing surface this ½ Inch impact wrench provides 200-800 ft-lbs of working torque that is perfect for home usages.

It is specially modified and tested for reducing noise level and operates at 82-86 dBA. With its muffler technology, it allows the discharged air to pass without any back pressure and thus retaining the power. For its innovative through-the-handle exhaust design it appears to be controlled easily. Moreover, for the composite housing, it comes with lightweight that allows working with for a long period of time with ease. The whole outer and internal high-quality mechanisms have made this high-quality hand tool ideal for shop indeed.

Features and Benefits

  • Comes with 200-800 ft.-lbs of working torque
  • Composite housing and ergonomic designed handle provides long time work experience with ease
  • Patented through-the-handle exhaust manages the debris and keep these away from face
  • Reduces noise at 82-86 dBA
  • Muffler/filter technology allows the discharged air to pass leaving no option for developing back pressure and thus retain power.
  • Easy to control with flip lever –forward and reverse and available with very affordable price.

Ingersoll-Rand 2135TiMax ½ inch Air Impact Wrench

In its class, it is probably the best. This 2135TiMax ½ Air impact Wrench by Ingersoll-Rand can be your ace in the hole. It comes with a very modest budget but does not compromise in terms of quality and performance. It provides the best power to weight ratio raising the bar with 780ft-pounds with the easy control and comfort.

It features 750ft/lbs of maximum reverse torque, it features a patented four-position power regulator dial, feather touch trigger, and patented one-handed push-button forward and reverse control  that makes you facilitated with providing  the full control.

So you can take over of that power on the vehicle maintenance jobs without any noise. In other words, the best advantages you are going to have with this Ingersoll-Rand 2135 are incredible power with complete control and ease.

With the  reduced level of sound but still having the standard torque level it can easily be distinguished among all others. Especially the patented technology is really a peace of mind that reduces the noise and sound caused by the air pulsating through the motor.

This ½ inch impact wrench will certainly be your worth investment. Possessing a very lightweight it provides easy maintenance and quick performance. Possessing the titanium hammer case it assures you with unbeatable durability. With the hard coat anodized end plate that accelerates its effectiveness by improving the grease fitting to control the most stubborn nuts or other toughest jobs with great comfort.

Moreover, its twin hammer mechanism along with the other advanced metallurgy strongly protects the wrench from everyday wear and tear and the organized airflow ensures the highest performance with the incredible power and control.

The reliability and durability of this impact wrench are beyond the question as it comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty at no additional cost.

Features and Benefits

  • Patented technology (one handed push button, four position regulator dial, and feather- touch trigger) reduces the noise and provides easy maintenance.
  • Titanium hammer case with twin hammer mechanism and controlled air flow ensures unbeatable durability with and easy control.
  • Hard coat anodized plate improves the grease fitting and make it worth to control the most stubborn nuts and other toughest jobs smoothly.
  • Provides 750ft-pounds max torque level that is considered the best power to- weight ratio in its class in the market.
  • Comes in very lightweight ( only 3.5pounds) that ensures easy control and quick performance
  • Backed by 2 years manufacturer warranty at no additional cost.   
  • Best Low Torque Air Impact Wrenches
    (From 400-700 FT/LBS)  

    As we mentioned earlier that which wrench is going to be your best selection depends on what kind of workload you have. For instance instead of a low powered wrench if you go for the highest powered wrench for light home use it will be your wrong selection.

    Therefore we have selected some outstanding low powered impact wrench that come with a very low price tag but awesomely good to deal with the every tasks.

    Ingersoll Rand 231C

    Ingersoll has been a renowned manufacturer and undoubtedly a top leading company when it comes to best quality impact wrenches. They have established them as a reliable hub for the impact wrenches by ensuring their product quality to their customers.

    This mid-range air impact range Ingersoll Rand 231C comes with a very decent power at 600 ft-lbs of torque that may not super high but fairly enough to deal with the toughest and most stubborn nuts and bolts.

    It features some exclusive options that you really going to love. At first place, its twin-hammer impact mechanism ensures its durability. In fact, there is no need to prove its durability and reliability newly since it has been serving over 25 years with its solid and effective performance and still remains in the center of focus among mid-range wrenches.  With the adjustable power regulator, it helps you to adjust the power output according to the workload easily.

    This affordable and handy impact wrench allows you to work for a prolonged period of time minimizing stress on your wrists and hands as it comes with very lightweight. It is also very easy to control and take over on anything in its class with the contoured handle and ergonomic design.

    Features and Benefits

  • Over 25 years of proven performance with reliable durability and classic design
  • Twin –hammer mechanism provides maximum power range at 600 foot-pound
  • Very easy to control with 3-piece ergonomic design and comes in light weight for long time work experience with ease.
  • Adjusted power regulator allows to suit the power output with the workload
  • Contoured handle and pressure-feed lubrication
  • Campbell Hausfeld-½ inch Air Impact Wrench

    Campbell Hausfeld ½ inch - Best Air Impact Wrench Under $100

    For lower powered impact wrench Campbell Hausfeld has been a renowned manufacturer since 1836. With a low price tag, they have manufactured so many outstanding impact wrenches that have drawn the customers’ attention with their super quality.

    This ½ inch Air Impact Wrench by Campbell Hausfeld is one of those of their product which got positive customers’ review since after its release. It provides maximum 550 ft-lbs of torque including a variable speed regulator.

    The advantages you are going to get with this regulator that it allows you to adjust the power range at low, medium and high according to your workload. Thus it suits almost all kind of garage and house maintenance that is from car repair to garden and lawn projects.

    It comes with twin hammer impact mechanism that makes you facilitated with the reduced vibration as well as easy control and accuracy. In order to allow you to work with it for a prolonged period of time, it comes with composite housing and designed with a soft rubber grip. Apart from these, to use it comfortably and dynamically you can fix your direction and speed using the optimally placed speed regulator.

    Features and Benefits

    • Ideal one for light garage to garden projects with overall 550 ft.lbs of torque
    • Speed regulator to adjust the speed ( low , mid, high) and direction ( back , front)
    • Composite housing with rubber grip that allows working with for a prolonged period of time with ease.
    • Twin-hammer lightweight impact wrench that reduced vibration
    • Combined with 30 gallon Campbell Hausfeld air compressor and air house
    • Backed wit 1 year warranty

    Astro1828 ONYX 3/8 INCH Nano Impact Wrench 450 FT/LBS

    This Impact wrench is going to be the staple in the toolbox with its tinny but handy size and outstanding performance. This Nano impact wrench offers 450 ft.-lbs of working torque with 3/8 inch drive size is ideal for I restricted spaces such as engine, tire changing and others suspension works.

    It features a very lightweight and constructed with 3 forward and reverse setting to be adjusted according to the workload. The handle exhaust system is really peace of mind as it allows you to manage the debris keeping away from your face.

    With the twin hammer ergonomic design, it reduces the noise level at the 85 dBA. This rigorously tasted Nano impact wrench possesses 5.6 CFM air consumption level with 90 Psi air pressure level.

    Features and Benefits

    • Perfect one for light garage and house use such as tire changing, engine and others suspension work alike.
    • Paring with 3/8” sockets this 3/8 “model is ideal for the shortest profile possible.
    • Comes with dynamic workforce with 3 forward and reverse setting
    • Designed with twin hammer mechanisms that allows you to work with it a prolonged period of time with great ease which you will not find in many others mini impacts.
    • Available with a very lower price tag

    BOSTITCH BTMT72391 Half Inch Air Impact Wrench

    Our last performer is BOSTITCH BTMT 72391. It has also occupied a place on the list by its genuine quality and performance. Including 500 ft.lbs of torque, it leaves no important options to be featured and made it worth for investment.

    It is constructed with an aluminum body that assures you with long time guaranteed durability and its twin hammer mechanisms accelerates the torque out at the highest level possible.

    It possesses the speed and direction control regulator to make you facilitated with the customization opportunity according to your workload. Thus it reduces the risk of damage the nuts and bolts but ensures the perfection of the way you want to have your job done.

    To deal with the toughest and most stubborn bolts it maintains the full power on the reverse. To prolong your working period with ease and comfort and without fatigue, it comes with a rubber cushion grip and to keep your eye safe from the direct airflow handle exhaust system is there on the bottom of the tool.  

    Features and Benefits

    • Guaranteed durability and reliability with aluminum constructed body
    • 550 ft-lbs of torque 
    • Twin hammer mechanisms help to reduce noise and provides comfort
    • Adjustable speed and direction regulator allows to adjust the speed setting ( High, mid , low) and direction setting according to workload.
    • Handle exhaust at the bottom helps to manage the debris and keep the direct air flow from the users’ face.
    • Rubber cushion grip ensures easy controlled and prolonged period of working experience with great ease.
    • 1/2” inch squire drive and 1/4” air inlet.

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