List of Pneumatic Air Tools Powered by Air Compressor

List of Pneumatic Air Tools Powered by Air Compressor

Pneumatic air tools are of varied types having a varied range of applications. There are more than 50 types of air tools used for different purposes. Air tools are getting more popular day by day due to their cheaper price and lightweight feature. They are used in garages, industry, building homes, and many more. 

How does an air compressor work? Air compressors use a large cylinder to hold either a piston or plunger. The piston is connected by a rod to the outside of the cylinder. The inside of the cylinder contains a crankshaft, which converts circular motions to back and forth movements. This conversion increases the pressure within the cylinder and compresses air.

Air Impact Wrench:

Impact wrenches also known as air wrenches, rattle guns, impact guns, air guns, and windy guns to the users. The unit is used to remove wheel nuts or lug nuts from automobiles and large size vehicles. It is being popular day by day all over the world because of its performance, quality, and durability.

Impact wrenches are mainly used for automotive services, industrial production, construction projects, and many other instances where a high torque output is required. Pneumatic impact wrenches are available in every standard socket wrench drive size.

Air Ratchet Wrench:

Like impact wrenches, air ratchet wrenches are also used to remove small to medium size lug nuts. Whereas an air impact wrench comes with high torque, an air ratchet is meant for low torque. The unit is made more for speed and less for torque.

Apart from this, a ratchet can do a job faster because of its high-speed feature. If the bolt is tight and big enough, use an impact wrench. For a light-duty fastening job, the impact wrench is ideal. Most of the ratchet wrenches are featured with the reverse and forward operation to tighten and loosen bolts with ease.

Air Drill

Air Drill is simply an alternative to the regular drill powered by electricity. Both electric drills and air drills are used for similar purposes like creating a hole in a wall, stone, concrete, or wood.

Air drill is becoming popular due to their lightweight and longtime using facility. Air creates less vibration so using it for hours will not cause any discomfort in your hand. Since the unit is not heavy enough, you can hold it up for a long time as well. To operate the device a commercial-grade air compressor is needed.

Air Blow Gun:

Air Blow Gun is ideal for drying and cleaning hard-to-reach areas. The body is often built with plastic for easy carry. A metal-built long nozzle is attached to the body through which compressed air comes out at great force.

Many types of air blow guns are available in the market. All of these air blow guns are different in terms of nozzle type and actuation style. A standard safety nozzle is enough for the general application purpose. You will also find blow guns having straight long nozzles-they are used for the longer reach.

Air Spray Gun:

You might have seen in any automotive workshop a man holding a gun shape unit and painting a car. Those units (powered by an air compressor) are called Air Spray Gun, Spray painters, or paint Spray guns whatever you name.

Air Spray Guns are ideal for painting houses, automobiles, furniture, concrete wall, and many more. They are highly favored by the users due to their smooth finish and time efficiency. You can cover a large surface in a very short time compared to a traditional painting brush or roller.

The key component of an airbrush is the nozzle installed inside of it. Nozzles come in varied shapes and sizes. Mostly three types of nozzles are available: full cone, hollow cone, and flat stream. Types of nozzles depend on the nature of your painting job. Thick coat painting requires a large nozzle and vice versa. 


Both air spray guns and airbrushes share the same mechanism and are used for painting. Unlike a spray gun, an airbrush is small in size and used for light duty and delicate applications. Painters and sculptors often use these air tools to paint their projects.

Different variety of airbrushes are available in the market, i.e. gravity feed, siphon feed, and side feed. They also come in 3 diverse control systems: dual action, single action, and automatic. 

Pneumatic Screwdriver:

We all have that one screwdriver at home to open anything when stops functioning. A screwdriver is a very useful household tool. A pneumatic screwdriver is also meant for the same application. But they are for professionals.

What if you have to unscrew hundreds of screws at a time? Using the hand power screwdriver won’t be a good decision, right? You would be exhausted.

Pneumatic screwdrivers are widely used for automotive, aerospace, and marine manufacturing. Pneumatic screwdriver ranges from 1.5 in LB (0.17Nm) to 265 in LB (30Nm), and speeds range from 800 to 2600 RPM.

Air Jackhammer:

An air jackhammer is also known as a pneumatic drill or demolition hammer. It is typically used for major construction projects. An air jackhammer is very tough to handle. If you want to make a big cave within a short time you can use the pneumatic jackhammer.

Pneumatic jackhammers are mainly used to demolish old concrete and road construction. There are three types of jackhammers are available in the market. The first one is a pneumatic jackhammer operated by high air pressure supplied by a belt drive or direct drive air compressor. The second type is the hydraulic jackhammer performs by hydraulic energy power from some liquid.

The third or last type is the electric jackhammer, which runs on electric power. Wear a safety glass during the working time with a jackhammer. And use water spray to clear airborne dust.

Pneumatic hammer:

A pneumatic hammer is specially used for the purpose of repairing roads. To make new access points or manholes, a pneumatic hammer will make it easy to do. It is quite impossible to break through the roads if you're not using a pneumatic hammer.

Removing rocks is an important task when you dig trenches for the purpose of swimming pools and ponds. A small portion of the rocks cannot be removed by the backhoe. In this case, a pneumatic hammer will ease the work.

In order to break away the concrete walls, a pneumatic hammer should be used. And finally, the large pneumatic hammers can break apart the foundation of the building quite easily.

Pneumatic brad nailer:

If you're doing a woodworking project, then it's highly recommended to use a pneumatic brad nailer to attach a lightweight trim to the project. A pneumatic brad nailer always needs the support of the best air compressors. Basically, they are highly efficient, always inexpensive, and lightweight.

You use this brad nailer to ease the nailing project. This brad nailer is highly recommended by professional carpenters. Before using this tool, you need to take protection. So use an earmuff, safety goggles, and thick gloves.

Pneumatic framing nailer:

If you are having a pneumatic framing nailer, then there is no need to use a hammer in your project. When you're using a hammer, you need to exert the force. But a pneumatic framing nailer doesn't need that from you. All you need is put the nailer tip on the wood. Now compress the tip and pull the trigger.

All of your tensions and headaches will flee as the framing nailer will do hitting and pounding that you need.

Pneumatic staple gun:

If you are doing any construction project, then it's very important to have a pneumatic staple gun. These staple guns are much more effective than electric staple guns because they do the same work in a very short period of time.

These are durable and really easy to do maintenance for the owners.  As the pneumatic staple guns need the help of compressed air, they are cost minimizers.

Pneumatic Saw:

A pneumatic saw is used for heavy-duty cutting, different home repair projects, and gardening projects. To produce the pneumatic motion, they always use an air compressor. Most pneumatic saws are lightweight and they minimize vibration. They don't produce much heat.

You can use this saw in a heavy-duty project. Also, it's perfect for cutting wood, fiber glasses, and plastic. You don't need to provide lots of effort. The saw can perform complex and hard projects with fewer efforts.

Pneumatic screwdriver:

The reason why you should use a pneumatic screwdriver is that it helps put many screws without creating any hand fatigue. You don't need any battery to recharge the screwdriver. Rather it is operated by compressed air which prevents the stripping of the screw heads.

It is very easy to do maintenance. All you need is to apply oil to lubricate the motor in it. A pneumatic screwdriver is always flexible and comfortable for product operations.

Pneumatic Riveter:

A pneumatic riveter helps the users to drive rivets. It is used to fasten two pieces of metal. They are coming in different sizes and shapes and offering different types of grips and handles.

The Riveter is operated by air compressors. The benefit of using this pneumatic riveter is that it will save you a lot of time and energy and safeguard your hands from getting stressed. It gives you more productivity and prevents muscle damage.

Pneumatic Scraper:

This Pneumatic scraper does a very helpful task by eliminating linoleum, tiles, and carpet glue from bathroom floors and kitchens.

Without doing any damage to the metal surfaces, this pneumatic scraper can easily remove glue, gaskets, paints, rust, and lots of different types of materials.

A pneumatic scraper effectively removes the harmful debris and lubricants. The scraper is offering safety and high performance to the users. The scraper is user-friendly and minimizes the chances of a back injury.

Pneumatic sandblaster:

A pneumatic sandblaster is generally used for powder coating and this is an excellent tool for this kind of project. In order to protect the springs from rust and scratches, it is always needed to do the powder coating.

A pneumatic sandblaster does this job perfectly. This tool quickly eliminates dust, rust, and all types of surface imperfections. The tool is very easy to use and not much expensive at all.

Pneumatic die blaster:

A pneumatic die blaster is a newly designed tool that is basically used in car repair shops. The tool quickly eliminates corrosion. There are certain areas just like door folding, wheel case, and roof joint where it's hard to access. But a pneumatic die blaster can quickly remove the rust from that area.

A pneumatic die blaster is operated through air compressors and offers the highest possible operation and safety for the users.

Pneumatic Chain Saws:

A pneumatic chain saw is used in petrochemical industries and underground mines. This chain saw is also used in utilities, marine, and construction applications. This tool is best for polyethylene plants.

The reason to use this Pneumatic chain saw is it is offering excellent service of cutting plastic and wood efficiently. This tool is great for underwater use.

Pneumatic polisher:

A pneumatic polisher is offering excellent and accurate finishing on several applications and materials. This tool helps the users to restore dull paint and eliminates rust. It is a fantastic weight saver. It is operated through a good-quality air compressor and provides great flexibility. Works great for stripping paint.

Pneumatic orbital sander:

A Pneumatic orbital sander is highly efficient and sturdy for professional sanding. This tool is lightweight and much more comfortable to use. It is offering the highest dust extraction and low noise level.

Users can use this tool for quite a long time. The tool makes the polishing level more smooth and uniform. The tool provides low vibration.

Pneumatic air tools are a type of power tool that has been around for over a century. They use an air compressor to provide the force behind the piston and a hose to provide a conduit for compressed air. The first pneumatic tools were created in 1876 by the Frenchman Eugene Louis Breguet, who used them as mining equipment.

Today, pneumatic air tools are more commonly used as part of assembly processes within manufacturing plants.

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