Makita MAC210Q Review: A Stunning Model For Carpenters

Makita MAC210Q Review

Introducing the groundbreaking Makita MAC210Q oil-free quiet series air compressor. This is an oil-free, 2-gallon, 1-HP Compressor. The machine is lightweight at only 45.2 lbs. and has a low noise level of 60 decibels.

This unit’s noise level is ideal when it is performed during the case and base installation, trimming, and finish carpentry, cabinet and furniture making, and more.

Cutting-edge technology has given this unit 65 seconds faster recovery time, quieter sound, longer tool life, and constant performance.

Adjustable regulator, gauges, and cord wrap assembly are all features that make this an amazing choice for indoor or outdoor use.

With its high-quality roll-cage construction and features, this unit will last you years. Its lightweight design makes it easy to move from one project to another. And thanks to its convenient handle, you'll have no problem carrying your new tool wherever you go.

It includes a pressure gauge and Lever-handle tank drain for hassle-free maintenance. With its sleek design and versatile functionality, this air compressor fits right in with any home or workshop.

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  • CFM:                         3.0 CFM at 40 PSI
  • ​CFM​:                         2.0 CFM at 90 PSI
  • ​​PSI​:                           135 PSI MAX
  • Tank​:                         2-Gallon
  • HP​:                            1
  • AMPS :                      7
  • Noise:                       60 dBA
  • RPM:                         1750
  • Pump Type:              Dual Piston
  • Pump Type:              Oil-Free
  • Net Weight :            45.2 lbs
  • Tank Shape:             Horizontal
  • Shipping Weight :   48.51 lbs
  • Power Source​:         Corded-electric
  • ​Dimensions​:            17.52 (L) x 18.31 (w) x 14.76 (H)inches


  • ​Tank​​​​ fills in 65 seconds from empty
  • AC power cord wrap for convenient storage.
  • Large pressure gauges make it easier to monitor the pressure.
  • Increased job site portability due to lightweight design
  • The lower RPM (1,750) prolongs the motor and pump life span.
  • A thermal overload circuit is mounted for additional motor protection.
  • Low AMPs draw reduces the chance of breakers being tripped at start-up.
  • ​Roll cage provides complete protection for a wide variety of work environments.

Makita MAC210Q Review in Detail


Outstanding in any application, Makita MAC210Q oil-free air compressor is made to work efficiently and quietly with 1 HP of induction motor. Makita constructed this machine with an induction motor rather than a universal motor. There are many inexpensive compressors available that come with a universal motor.

There are large quality differences between an induction motor and a universal motor. Universal motors are cheap. They are not specifically designed for long-term use. When used for an extended time, they may not last as long as the induction motor.

Makita's induction motor draws a very low amperage (7). Low amperage draw means that the circuit breaker will not trip often.

The MAC210Q runs at a lower RPM (1, 750). Low rpm means the motor and the pump will last longer than usual. They do this by maximizing the efficiency of the motor and pump, and also guarding against excessive heating and wear by doing this.

This means that less electricity is needed to power the model, which may result in lower energy costs over time. The higher-efficiency engine also helps extend engine life as well as reduce maintenance costs.


The model is designed with an oil-free pump. The benefit of an oil-free air compressor pump is that it does not produce any additional, unnecessary pollution. These pumps are now used in many industries because they are now more efficient and wear less quickly than the traditional compressor pump. These pumps also reduce the cost of upkeep and energy consumption.

Thanks to its dual-piston pump which has made the compressor more powerful and efficient. The difference between a dual-piston pump and a single-piston pump is in the motion of the rod.

 A single-piston pump requires a constant push to move, whereas a dual-piston pump can be moved in one direction or another depending on which piston is activated.

The two pistons work together with power from the user to use gas pressure to send more fuel into an engine without having to ignite it.


The MAC210Q is an externally powered, 3.0 CFM at 40 PSI and 2.0 CFM at 90 PSI air compressor that is designed to power all of your small, portable hand tools. With this one handy machine, you can easily power the most common applications for your small projects. This is a great way to save space, money, and time on your job site.

The output pressure is 135 PSI maximum.


Thanks to Makita’s Quiet Series technology. MAC210Q is a perfect option for any homeowner that is looking for an air compressor that is most compatible with their needs. This unit features 60 decibels of noise, which makes it ideal for both commercial and residential applications including the operation of most tools.

Built-in Thermal Overload

Built-in thermal overload for additional motor protection is a safety measure that will protect the motor from overheating when operating continuously for long periods. It monitors the temperature of electric motors and automatically shuts off power to the motor if it reaches a certain level.

If the motor is in use continuously for a long period, it can overheat. A circuit breaker or fuse is used to stop current from going into the motor when it has been on continuously for a certain amount of time.


The Makita MAC210Q air compressor is a great tool to have around the house, garage, or job site. It can be used with any tools requiring compressed air and has a max output of 135psi for jobs that require more power.

If you're in need of a versatile air compressor that can power up most jobs, the Makita MAC210Q Air Compressor is a good option. You may also consider Makita MAC320Q from Makita quiet series air compressors. MAC320Q is a bit more heavy-duty compared to MAC210Q having a 1.5 HP motor and a 3-Gallon big air tank. 

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