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Welcome to Air Compressor Agency (ACA), we are possibly the best in providing information about Air Compressors, Air Tools and other Power tools. Buying tools is a bit complicated. They come in varied shapes, sizes, features and different application ranges. 

For instance, you should not buy small tank size air compressor when the unit is needed for spray painting. Spray gun requires high volume of air. So, a small size air compressor cannot run the spray gun for long. 

Similarly, there are several issues to consider when buying tools. That is why we are here to support you with our real-life experience. At Air Compressor Agency, we are dedicated to develop the best power tools resources on the internet, including buying guideline and reviews.

Why Should You Trust Air Compressor Agency?

There are plenty of websites on the internet as to air compressor reviews. However, the majority of them focus on the basic things collecting information from online. Our resource collection is not limited to online reviews. We review products basing on practical knowledge and hands on experience from our team members. 

Jérome Le Madec, the Managing Director of Air Compressor Agency has his own air compressor shop. Dealing with air compressor is his daily task. Moreover, Nian Zhen, the Quality Assurance Controller of ACA is a spray painting specialist by profession. He has to handle spray painting gun, air compressor and other pneumatic tools every day.

When they are the team members, possibly we can give you exact feedback on a particular model of air compressor and air tools.

How We Choose A Product?

All the products are determined by our Quality Assurance Controller before sending to writer for review.  Jérome Le Madec being the owner of tools shop and Nian Zhen as a car paint expert have real world experience on varied types of tools.

They send all the basic information including longevity, features and performance to the writers. Then Our expert writer prepares a compact and comprehensive article for the readers.

We do not promote any particular brand for marketing. Products that have satisfied a vast range of customers are put in our review list.

Our Team Members:


Jérome Le Madec (Managing Director)

Being the owner of a tools shop, Jérome Le Madec had long plan to make a website on power tools. As he was telling “I am selling air compressor, power tools and hand tools for 15 years. I can give you very unique information on tools that you may not find on any blog pages. So why not open a blog site to share my experience gathered for 15 years”.  He is the person who gives minute details on every model of air compressor and other tools. 

Apart from money making duties, he likes to spend quality time with his family. He is really happy with life having two kids and wife. Being very health conscious, every morning he will be found doing morning walk for at least 1 hour.

Nian Zhen (Quality Assurance Controller)

Nian Zhen (Quality Assurance Controller)

Nian Zhen is working as Quality Assurance Controller for Air Compressor Agency and doing his job with great success. We do not pick any products randomly.

Before selecting any tools, it should be approved by Nian Zhen.  By profession he is a spray coating expert and owner of an auto repair shop. Since dealing with tools is his regular job, none other than him can give suggestion for the best tools.  


LIAN HIN (Chief Editor)

Lian Hin is the chief editor of Air Compressor Agency. His dedication and devotion took us to this position today.  His graduation was from Kolej Universiti Islam Zulkifli Muhammad. He is a journalist but blog writing is his hobby. He is also columnist in several dailies.  

Juan-Carlos (IT Support Manager)

Juan Carlos (IT Support Manager)

The youngest member Juan Carlos is working as IT Support Manager for Air Compressor Agency. Majority of time is spent in front of computer doing some programming.   He is doing his graduation in CSE from Kolej Profesional Mara Seri Iskandar. At the weekend, he is found to be outside of city with his camera. He is a bird photographer.

Ethan-Tan (Author)

Ethan Tan (Author)

Ethan Tan is one of the trusted writer for Air Compressor Agency. Almost 5 years ago, he started career as a freelance writer. Now he is very busy and always in tight schedule.

However, He has completed his graduation and post-graduation from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). When he is free, he is probably busy in his garden.


Maria Garcia (Author)

The beautiful Maria Garcia is working with Air Compressor Agency since we start our journey. She has graduated from Sheffield Hallam University and also a beauty specialist. A major portion of her life is spent in reading books. She likes comic books, biographies, and literature.  

James-Johnson (Author)

James Johnson (Author)

Diligent and passionate James Johnson is highly career focused and by profession is a water treatment specialist. In his leisure time he writes poetry and also writes for Air Compressor Agency.  He completes his graduation from University of Technology, Malaysia. 

Yes, you can help us!

We firmly assure that the products reviewed and recommended on our site are of high quality. We recommend certain product after a long-term research and test on that particular item.

Furthermore, basing on our research we post our article on the site to provide you with the best information. Still, I believe, there is always a space for improvement.

If you are a longtime consumer of a model of air compressor or other power tools, definitely you know ins and out about that unit. We highly appreciate supporting us with your experience.

We will be truly thankful to incorporate your opinion within the article. It is also possible to send us in depth review and images of the particular Air Compressor, and we will attribute you on our web page.

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Many Thanks for visiting Air Compressor Agency. If you have further inquiry, feel free to email us here.


ACA team

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