Dewalt D55146 Review: 4.5-Gallon Air Compressor

This Dewalt D55146 Review will let you know for what this model is meant for. Being best air compressor for framing nailer- this unit is a commercial-duty 4.5-gallon oil free compressor producing 5.0 SCFM @ 90 PSI.  The tank can build 200 max PSI and the powerful motor enables recovery in just 22 seconds.

The D55146 provides users with 80% more usable air than the industry-leading 150 PSI compressor and gives users consistent performance to keep up with their demanding job site needs.

It is ideal for multiple applications including trim carpentry, remodeling, deck building, light framing and roofing. This compressor was built with the end user in mind. The unit features a robust lift handle and sturdy telescoping handle facilitating mobility around the workplace.

Furthermore, the D55146 includes innovative vertical stand feature that allows the compressor to be transported and stored in a vertical position, taking up significantly less space than if stored in a horizontal position.

Engineered with a new high-pressure pump and breakthrough motor technology, the D55146 delivers high surge performance and has a fast recovery. The fully protected roll cage and metal console panel protect the compressor from harsh job site conditions.

However, many of consumers make a common complaint against its outlet which leaks air. Sometimes, it is non-repairable. If you want to read more on customer reviews, please click here.​

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Customer Feedback

One of our specialists has a long-term experience in using the device. He says, “The biggest issue that I see with most oil-free or maintenance free air compressors is the time it takes for them to pump up. Now this one wasn’t too bad. But it’s not like a normal compressor that’s just pumping up to somewhere around 135 or 150 PSI.

Also, the recovery time on this was not bad at all considering that it’s kicking on at 155 PSI and taking it back close to 200 in 22 seconds. There is a little bit of variation in there but it was very easy for this unit to hold 90 psi when I was using it with different tools.

One of the tools that I seem to find that uses the most air was just one of my little blow-up tools. That blow off tool was not a problem for it to be held @ 90 PSI even while the motor was running and trying to kick on and catch up. It could hold the 160 PSI in the tank without issue while I was running that tool wide-open at 90 psi.

If I bumped it up to 120 or 130, still I could use some of the air in the tank and the actual compressor could keep up. The pressure of the unit is more than enough to run impact wrench and other heavy duty tools. I am more than satisfied with this beast.”

Review in Detail

Motor an​d Pump

This is where the DEWALT D55146 excels. Dewalt has packed the device with cutting edge motor and pump technology that they termed as “DeWALT PATENTED HIGH-EFFICIENCY MOTOR AND HIGH-PRESSURE PUMP”. It will maximize your productivity with additional performance and increased durability.

The motor with 1.8 horsepower (HP) draws 15 amps with Slow-Blow Glass Fuse to safeguard power surge or short circuit. You are allowed to use 50 feet (not more than that) extension cord to reach remote areas.

A good news for oil-adverse air compressor users is that the pump on this device is oil free that rids the need to intermittent check and change of oil. So, there is no chance of oil spilling and making your job site dirty with some blackish oil drop.

It is worth mentioning that the pump in the DEWALT D55146 is driven by a belt at low speed (1720 RPM) resulting in less vibration, noise and increased longevity and productivity. 


DEWALT D55146 is designed with Heavy Duty 4.5 Gallon HOT DOG type tank that builds 200 PSI max pressure. That is why the product has the capacity to power some heavy-duty tools e.g. impact wrench, framing gun, sander, etc.

Its vertical stand-up feature gives easy access to the drain valve at the back. So, you can let any air moisture inside the tank out or just let it run dry. Our specialists recommend emptying the tank after each use to avoid rust.


The DEWALT D55146 yields air at 5.0 standard feet per cubic minute (SCFM) @ 90 PSI with a max PSI of 200. It is designed to withstand harsh work site and able to meet the demand of various air-hungry pneumatic tools. It is highly favored by framing carpenters.

At the initial stage, the tank is filled within 1 minute and 23 seconds and recovers in only 22 seconds when the initial tank charge is finished. The motor restarts when air pressure reaches at about 155 PSI.

Decibels of Noise

As far as noise level is concerned, the DEWALT D55146 operates at 78 decibels which is less louder than your blender machine. When you plug in and stand right next to it, you can work inside a house with this without being overly noisy. You can still talk about without shouting. If noise is your major concern you can check  California air tools 10020c – the ultra quiet compressor at only 70 decibels.

Dimension and Portability.

Weighing 83 pounds, many people may not take the strain to lift it off the ground and carry. Don’t worry, the pneumatic tires on this unit are nice and wide. They make it very easy to carry around, roll around.

The Tires are also some more flat. So, if you are rolling it through stones or uneven terrains, it doesn’t seem to bounce around and gives you some stability.

There is a handle on top to generally pick it up and I think people use that more usually when pulling it out of a truck or anything. But there’s also another “Telescopic Handle” that slides up in the back. This is nice because it brings everything right to the way you try.

So you can haul around with you and move it in and out of places and you are not bending over. It slides back down right back out of the way. Design wise this thing is great.  It is profiled to sit down flat when in use but be able to store and save space up and down. If you need a compressor for regular wood working project.

Caution: While operating the device, you must place it horizontally.

Additional Features ! 

Dewalt D55146 includes lots of extra conveniences:

  • Storage has been made easy and convenient for an integrated cable wrap attached to the roll cage.
  • The motor, pump, and other sophisticated components are fully covered with a heavy roll cage, 
  • There’s the emergency pull on the side which is also called the blow off valve or safety valve. 
  • Metal console panel and an especially designed metal sheet gives additional protection.
  • Two gauges display tank pressure and output pressure.
  • Comes with 3-year limited warranty.


If you’re looking for something like that is powerful, quiet (78 decibels) and that is going to be oil free and maintenance-free, you should take a look at DEWALT D55146. Framing carpenter crews always keep this unit in their list due to its flawless performance when running a framing nailers.

You might really find something that you like, especially if you need something that will fit underneath the truck, be mobile, and have some nice quality wheels on it to move around. 

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