Painting A House with Spray Gun-Time Saving Tips & Tricks

how to paint a house with spray gun

Ideally, painting house with a spray gun may appear simpler than other techniques. However, doing it correctly still needs some distinctive knowledge and practice. In fact, having the necessary tools and equipment is not just enough. You have to be certain about what you are doing in every step you are taking in that regard. This way, you will do perfect work that is both economical and long-lasting. In this article, we shall discuss various aspects to help you suitably paint a house with a spray gun.

The Necessary Tools & Equipment:

Undoubtedly, spray painting requires some specific tools and equipment. Normally, it is a good idea to assemble all your requirements before focusing on the painting process.

Spray painting can be found in various brands and colors. Subsequently, you should consider checking out your choices to determine what will suit your project demands. Additionally, you will require some other supplies to do an impressive spray painting work. Before you start, you will require:

  • Primer
  • A plastic tarp, drop cloth, or newspapers to shield the surface and other stuff in the house.
  • Spray paint (in your preferred color (s))
  • Painter's tape
  • Safety glasses, disposable gloves, and an air-conditioner mask.

Coats of Painting:

How many coats of paints do you need for a single project?

Actually, this is one of the questions that must arise when spray painting a house. Why should this be a concern anyway? Ordinarily, the amount of paint you require to complete a house will be determined by the number of coats you use. Therefore, knowing before you begin your work will even assist you to plan your budget.

The Number of Coatings

Sometimes, it is not easy to estimate the exact number of coats of paint that one needs to use in one house. This is because there are different factors that determine it. Nevertheless, we have some guidelines that may help you:

Spray painting the same or a quite similar color- Refreshing your house color is a manageable and straightforward approach to spray paint your house. In this case, you will only need to suitably wash the surface.

After this, you will spray the paint on the surface (using the same type of paint). Be patient for the paint to dry. After about 30 minutes, your house should be uniformly colored and appears as good as brand-new.

Spray painting a brand-new color​- Probably, with such a spray painting, you will need to apply more than one. Again, there is no exact number of coatings that will apply here.

Of course, the original color that is being coated and the brand-new color you are applying will determine. However, there are some things that may play part:

  1. Spray painting a bold or dark cover a much lighter color- This will require at least two coats.
  2. Spray painting light over a dark color- This will be a bit different. To attain a smooth, uniform color in this situation, you will need up to approximately 6 coats of paints!

Using a primer- If you wish to avoid all the coats needed for spray painting light on a dark color, try using a primer. Essentially, these are a less costly method to mask the present color of your house. More so, they establish a covering that your brand-new paint will easily take to.

The Painting Process:

Before you start, remember to cover the parts you don’t want to paint with your preferred shield. Of course, you should put on all your protective gears as well.

Use one coat over the whole room once at a time:

While spraying, do not point the nozzle at only a single spot. Additionally, slightly overlap each of the passes to avoid having breaks in between the parts you spray paint.

  • Keep the gun approximately 8 inches away from the wall. Gently move it back and forth.
  • Make sure you spray lightly since heavy coat may trickle and become tacky for a while. Usually, the best way is to apply thin but multiple sprays of coats to the wall. Always allow each of the coat to fully dry before spraying a new one.
  • To cover up the first coat that may appear splotchy and reveal the initial color, use the second coat.

Give the first coat to dry fully.

Generally, most spray paints need at least 24 hours to dry before spraying the subsequent coat. This time interval is quite essential and should not be deliberately skipped.

Apply or spray the subsequent coat:

Some people might disregard this second coat but it is important as it will yield more smooth results. It will aid in giving you complete coverage of the wall leading to a polished pleasant color. Give this coat another 24 hours to dry then eliminate any material you had used to protect some parts of the house.

Spray a topcoat:

If necessary, you may now apply a top coat. This will require a pretty clear spray paint. Apply it on the dry surface and give it another 24 hours to dry before you spray another layer if you wish. Remember that spraying a topcoat is voluntary. In fact, if you are satisfied with the last spray, you may leave it at that point. Otherwise, you should be done with the painting.

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Working Safely:

Safety goggles- These will aid in protecting you when any of the paint flows back in the direction of your face.

Ventilator mask and disposable gloves - As a matter of fact, spray paint is usually toxic. In this regard, putting on these essential protective gears is a good idea. Always make sure you have worn them before commencing the painting process.

Respirators might be a bit expensive (up to $30). However, this is relatively affordable than a visit to a specialist for respiratory challenges

In case you feel a bit queasy, dizzy or have trouble breathing, consider taking a break. Note that your safety and health is normally more significant than your project.

Additional tip: Some paints are quite sticky and may ruin your clothes. It is necessary to have a coat dedicated to this work rather than putting on your usual clothes. Although this is not considered a safety gear as such, it will also help to protect your skin and inner clothes from stains.


Spray painting your house is not rocket science. In fact, this is a Do-It-Yourself task. Truly, you only need the appropriate tools and equipment. Secondly, you need to be keen to follow the steps as shown in this article. If you can take your time to do that, then you don’t need professional services to achieve it. This way, you can save your cash.

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