Makita MAC 700 Review- A Hot Dog Air Compressor

Makita Mac700 is the best 120 volt air compressor-any home electric outlet can operate the unit easily. We collected customer feedback and they are quite pleased with this little beast. This is a two horse power compressor with some nice features. The Mac 700 is equipped with a 2.6-gallon tank and weighs about 52 pounds.

This unit uses a large cast iron pump, the large bore and piston allow it to transfer more air and fewer RPM's making for a lower noise level. Hence the pump is all oil lubricated, it should be low wear and maintenance on the unit is a snap.

There is an oil fill sight window on the side. So you always know the level and if adding oil is needed.

Directly above the oil sight is the oil cap which is all you need to remove for filling. Some other nice features are the lever ball valve, rubber feet which we found have very good gripping on a smooth surface and a roll bar style handle makes it very easy to carry.

The Mac 700 pulls 12.48 amps so it will be operable in most homes without any problem. It runs at operating pressures from 0 to 130 PSI and the Mac 700 can supply 3.3 CFM @ 90 PSI and 3.8 CFM @ 40 PSI.

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Makita MAC 700 Review in Detail

Motor and Pump

This 120 volt air compressor is furnished with 2.0 HP power motor with a low ampere 12 volt that rids you from the hassle of constant tripped breakers. The direct drive pump is powered by a 4 pole induction motor which sustains improved power and longer operating speed.

The pump of this device has come with some advanced mechanism that Makita calls “Big Bore engineered pump”. The cast iron construction large bore pump ensures high efficiency and increased durability even in the toughest conditions on your work place.

In other words, Makta’s innovative big bore pump compared to narrow bore pump inhales a huge amount of air and compresses it more efficiently and swiftly into the tank.

Consequently, the pump on Makita Mac700 operates at low 1720 RPM resulting in low noise and less wear and tear. Still confused? Ok, let’s have another try with visual elements.

The figure 1 is the infographic image of a pump with narrow bore. The figure 2 represents a big bore pump. When a pump is engineered with a small bore, it sucks comparatively small-scale of air volume and produces more torque to fill let’s say a 1-gallon tank.

Contrarily, as in the figure 2, the space in the cylinder is wide enough so naturally it consumes much more air thus a 1-gallon tank is filled quickly with low RPM.


The Makita Mac700 has a hot dog style 2.6-gallon steel tank suitable enough to store a huge volume of air and power heavy duty air tools without buffering.

Hence steel hardly rusts, the tank will naturally last long than cast iron tank. Right under the tank there is a petcock valve instead of traditional ball drains that makes discharge easy, swift and simple.

The pump comes with oil-lubrication engineering to sustain performance as best as possible. If you don't like oiled compressor, check Rolai's oil-free model having almost the same power and air pressure.


The large cast iron cylinder pump features Makita’s exclusive big bore cylinder and piston with heavy duty crankshaft that sustains 3.8 CFM @ 40 and 3.3 @ 90 PSI. Powered by 120 volt motor the best-in-class pump can build pressure inside the tank 130 PSI max.

Decibels of Noise

In spite of being a professional grade compressor, the unit produces only 79 decibels of noise lesser than many oil-less small trim-compressors.

Mind it, other oil-less compressors with equivalent power delivery would be much louder than this sturdy guy. Being an oil-filled pump, the screeching sound of friction is lessened due to lubrication facility.

Dimension and Portability

Measuring 10 by 18 inch in diameter and 22 inch tall and weighing 59.6 pounds, Mac 700 is compact enough to haul around. The roll bar solid rubber-handle with finger notches and hot-dog style tank provide well balance and high portability.

 Additional features !

Makita Mac700 includes lots of extra conveniences:

  • This is where the Makita Mac 700 stands out: the pump of the device passes compressed air through an inter cooler pipe which is called finned tube. There are innumerable fins on it to help cool down. 
  • The 4 rubber feet all the way around which is nice for noise and vibration controlling. It will also save your wood floor or some kind of shiny surface from scratching. 
  • The product is packed with two pressure gauges, regulator valve, 1/4-inch universal quick connector, oil and a nice heavy 14-gauge long power cord.
  • This innovative inter-cooling mechanism also helps reducing the amount of condensation and water that you get into your tank.
  • On the back side you will see is an automatic on-off switch and an emergency pressure release valve is just below the switch.
  • Additionally, there is an air filter that gives you clean and fresh air removing solid particles like dust, pollen etc.
  • The oil sight glass and oil drain valve let you know the level of oil and discharge oil before refilling it

Caution: Makita always suggest to use their recommended oil. Though the machine comes filled with oil and an extra bottle of oil for next use, you must collect Makita recommended oil whenever buying.


As far warranty is concerned, Makita is one of the best service providers. within the one-year warranty period, obviously, everything is taken care for as far as manufacturing defects. Beyond that you can return the complete tool to the Makita authorized warranty services or dealer services.

Let’s say, you are not satisfied with the product or you need a more powerful unit. Don’t worry! Either you can replace your compressor with another Makita’s device or get full refund within thirty days of original purchase.


Featured with higher SCFM, the Mac 700 is suitable enough for contractors, remodelers, heavy duty professionals, DIYers, and home design contractors. Unlike oil-less air compressors, oil-based compressors always generate less heat.

If you are a heavy users of air compressors, please keep this teal guy in your list. You will never regret and it's guaranteed.

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