PORTER CABLE C2002 Review: Best Pancake Air Compressor

PORTER CABLE C2002 2 Air Compressor

The Porter-Cable C2002 is a 6-gallon, oil-free pancake compressor that's perfect for light- to medium-duty use. It's easy to operate and maintain, and it delivers plenty of power for a variety of jobs. This is the cheapest pancake compressor having all the features you want in a compressor. It is oil-free and easy to carry. The model comes with 3 different names. 

  • Porter-Cable C2002: The Compressor itself
  • Porter-Cable C2002-Wk: packed with 3 different packages.
  • PORTER CABLE C2002R: refurbished model.


Porter-Cable C2002 produces 40PSI (3.7 CFM) and 90 PSI (2.6 CFM). What Porter-cable claims is the product has the capacity to deliver surge air pressure for efficient performance and takes 20 seconds for recovery. This output allows you to do light to medium duty applications ranging from inflating pool floats, tires, toys to finish and trim work. Maximum tank pressure tops at 150 PSI.

Duty Cycle

Though Porter Cable claims the unit having continuous running capacity, I firmly recommend you to maintain at least 50% to 75% average duty cycle for increased durability of the motor and pump. This means that running the air compressor pump and motor in excess of 30-45 minutes in any given hour will be considered harmful.

Decibels of Noise

PORTER CABLE C2002 2 Air Compressor Noise Test Result

The highest range of noise for maximum pancake compressors is 82 decibels and this unit also produces 82 dBA. To be honest, this compressor is noisy. Though they claim it to be 82 decibels, in our test the result was different. We found about 93 to 95 rating from close distance. For ultra quiet air compressor, you may go for Makita Mac 210Q Model.

Dimension and Portability.

This slender device weighs only 23 pounds and measures 9 inches tall when is set horizontally. The roll cage is extended a little bit forward that functions as a handle and allows you to carry vertically with ease.

Other features of Porter Cable c2002

  1. A built-in cord wrap at the left side gives the facility to roll up the power cord avoiding wire dangling hassle.
  2. All the compressors with tank must have a safety valve that releases extra pressure to avoid explosion. So our specialist always suggests to check the valve intermittently whether it is working properly.
  3. The release valve on this device is located at the left upper side. The front metal console panel includes two pressure gauges, a regulator to control air output and two quick-connect one-hand universal couplers.

Breaking in period

Including Porter-Cable C2002, majority of the compressors have breaking in or running in period that you should maintain at initial hour of using to prolong the lifetime of your unit. 

However, this is very simple. Just switch on the compressor keeping the drain valve open so that there is no strain on the pump and motor. This process allows the pump, motor and other parts getting used to each other for the initial period of their functioning under light load.


Porter-Cable C2002 -comes with one year limited warranty on its parts. If there are any manufacturing defects, just send it to any Porter Cable authorized service center. They will take care of it.

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  • Most popular consumer-grade compressor due to its multi-functional usability and durability.
  • Motor, pump and other vital components are fully shrouded with a plastic cover that ensures utmost safety from damages.
  • Best compressor for framing and nail gun.

  • Except motor and pump some small parts like the release valve, pressure switch, and pressure regulator are of substandard.
  • Many consumers complain that it is louder than claimed.
  • oil-less units have short life compared to oil-lubricated air compressors.


Out of hundred types of air compressor available in the market, Porter-Cable C2002 grabbed the critics' attention in perspective of its light weight and multipurpose features. This unit is ideal for small framing crews and finish and trim carpenters. Moreover, Porter-Cable is a re-known air compressor brand dominating the tools industry for decades.

The unit is furnished with long-lasting oil-less pump that eliminates regular maintenance and intermittent oil-change. If you need a portable compressor, give this little guy a chance. Please click on the button to get at discount price. 

PORTER CABLE C2002 2 Air Compressor with moisture separator


Once a new PORTER CABLE C2002 is returned for any reason, It cannot be delivered as brand-new and sold on market as “Refurbished”. Most of the time, they look new and fresh. Given that PORTER CABLE C2002R is a certified refurbished product and available under 200$.

The refurbished products are not necessarily broken or degraded in quality. These items are as good as new. They are usually returned for several reasons.

Firstly, some items that have been opened and the consumer didn’t like it. They change the model even without running it and have another one.

Secondly, the products might have got cracked, scratched or some other minor damages during shipment. Before supplying to the market as refurbished item, the manufacturing company repair it or replace any components if needed.

Last but not the least, you have seen products are kept for display in many stores. Those are not even used. Products like this are checked carefully by the technicians before supplying it for sale.

Is There Any Risk?

Speaking of risks, don’t buy them from unknown sources. I recommend you purchasing from reliable source like amazon.com. You need not to worry about the quality.

Buying refurbished items can save you a lot. They come almost at half of the regular price. Many DIY experts would like to buy only refurbished products if available on the market.

In short, Porter-Cable C2002 is one of the best seller air compressor due to its price range and positive customer reviews. There is no alternative to this model. It's easy to use and has enough power to handle most tasks. So if you're in the market for an air compressor, be sure to check out the Porter Cable C2002.

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