Makita MAC5200 6.5 CFM Air Compressor-Built For Power

MAKITA MAC5200 Air Compressor

Makita MAC5200 is a versatile, powerful air compressor-highly compact in design making it first choice when mobility is the first priority. Carpenters do keep this compressor in their top list since they have to move with air compressor at job-site. To let you know, for big automotive workshop where sanding and painting is the main job, this compressor might not be for you. You should go for a compressor with big tank.

MAKITA MAC5200 accompanied with industrial power, extended durability and wheel kit is a great addition to your garages and workshops. Built for professionals i.e. automotive repair or big carpenter crews, the compressor yields 6.5 CFM @ 90 or 6.9 CFM @ 40PSI and includes an air compressor pressure switch to power on/off the motor automatically.

The unit is powered by a 3.0 (running) horsepower motor drawing 13.8 amps of current and rotating at 3420RPM. It produces 90dBA of noise which is lower than many devices in its class.

The MAKITA MAC5200 is also engineered with Makita’s cutting edge wide bore cylinder-piston pump which refills a 5.2-gallon air tank just in 2 minutes from 0 to 140 PSI. Oil-lube feature resists wear and tear and ensures maximum performance at your tough jobsite.

The MAKITA MAC5200 is transportable, mounted on a rugged steel frame with a foldable handle having anti-slip rubber grip and big 8″ pneumatic tires for easy transportation.


  • Cast iron built big bore cylinder with oil lubrication feature builds pressure very fast compared to other compressors with narrow bore. Apart from this, oil-lubricated pump generates less heat and withstands wear.
  • The motor, pump, two gauges and other delicate parts are surrounded by the big tank and a steel built console panel. So, unwanted bump should cause little harm to it.
  • Wheel kit and folded handle with integrated rubber grip give excellent portability.
  • Two 1/4" air hoses can run two pneumatic tools simultaneously.
  • Very solid, compact and durable.

  • Louder than few compressors in its class but not all
  • Heavier than its size.
  • Pricey for intermittent users

Who is it meant for?

Having 6.5 CFM @ 90 and 6.9 CFM @ 40PSI, this model is ideal for all sorts of carpentry applications allowing two persons run 2 roofing nailers and 2 finishing nailers simultaneously; you can sink a full magazine of nails without buffering.

For automobile shop, the unit can power impact wrench, air ratchet wrench, impact driver, die grinder and small to medium spray guns.

When it comes to body orbital sander, disk grinder, and large spray gun, the device can meet your demand for small applications. If sanding and painting is one of the main projects in your workshop, I firmly recommend you to have an air compressor having at least 15-gallon tank.

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Makita MAC5200 Review in Detail


MAKITA MAC5200 is profiled with 3.0 HP 4-pole induction motor which is powerful enough to replenish the air tank as quick as possible. Makita not only has made the motor powerful but also designed with quality components to ensure longest lifespan.

Many compressors on the market comes with motor having the winding wound with either aluminum wire or thin copper wire. Those are cheap in price, has less duty cycle, generate extreme heat after short operation and last for a limited period of time.

But Makita has used thick copper wire for this powerful motor winding translating into extended durability and improved performance.


MAKITA MAC5200 stands out from the crowd because of its state-of-the-art BIG BORE PUMP. The term might be new to you. Let’s explain: first learn how a pump works. All the air compressors’ pump run on 3 basic mechanical devices: cylinder, piston and a connecting rod.

medical syringe can be the best example to make you understand. The downward movement of sliding handle with in-built rubber bulb inhales air. Similarly, the upward movement releases the air through the same outlet. Unlike the syringe, a pump has two separate input and output openings.

let’s come to our point. The hollow space inside the cylinder is called BORE. The bigger is the bore, the greater volume of air does come.

The forward and backward movement of the piston is called stroke. Providing that a big bore pump can suck in a greater amount of air compared to a narrow bore in 1 stroke.

If a narrow bore pump can replenish a 5-gallon air tank in 2000 stroke, pump having two times big bore can do this taking half amount of stroke.

Thus, a big bore pump is much more efficient than its counterpart and generates less heat.

The pump in MAKITA MAC5200 is oil lubricated. When the piston slides at high speed inside a cylinder, a film of oil not only reduces the friction but also makes it air tight. That is why an oiled pump does compress air more efficiently and keep the cylinder cool resulting in durability and productivity.


MAKITA MAC5200 has large 5.2-gallon air tank. No other factor does matter than the size of an air tank when it comes to using high consumption pneumatic tools. With this tank size, you can use various air tools to frame wall, finish basement, install crown molding, remove lug nut as well as lose and tighten bolts.


Supplying 6.5 CFM @ 90 and 6.9 CFM @ 40PSI, MAKITA MAC5200 is a multipurpose air compressors. Apart from its pressure, Makita is reputed for their quality product.

Chassis, roll bar and other parts of the body are designed with good quality steel. Cylinder, piston, pump shroud, motor cover all are made of cast iron, that means the is unit built for long lasting.

Power Source

MAKITA MAC5200 operates at 110 volts and draw 13.8 amps. Your household 15 amps outlet can easily run this unit; just make sure other devices are not plugged into the same outlet at a time.13.8 amps draw hardly causes trip breaker until the temperature is way too low.

Decibels of Noise

MAKITA MAC5200 produces 90 decibels of noise that may sound a little bit louder. This is not a big deal for many customers who have used heavy-duty air compressor. They know how loud a professional grade compressor can be.

If noise is a major concern, why not have a look at ultra-quiet California air tools 10020C featuring almost same output pressure with only 70 decibels of noise and 10-gallon big tank.

Dimension and Portability

Weighing 81 pounds MAKITA MAC5200 is a heavy unit. The weight is caused by its high-quality metal construction components. Don’t fool yourself picking light weight compressor at the expense of quality.

Lifting the unit off the ground is quite impossible but the wheel kit and foldable handle makes maneuvering and transporting very easy. People also like Dewalt's D55146 compressor due to its oil-less feature. Both the compressors share almost same configuration and performance.

Additional Features !

MAKITA MAC5200 includes lots of extra conveniences:

  • Lubricant level sight glass is to check oil level and color. There is a red dot on the glass; the oil level should not go below the dot. The schedule of oil change varies basing on the operational time of the device. However, our specialists encourage to change oil before getting it too black.
  • A copper alloys finned tube that channels compressed air to the tank is integrated for basic heat transfer. Whereas other competitors use plain copper tube to serve this purpose, Makita pays attention to every detail to make this device compact and efficient.
  • In a Finned tube a number of alloy construction fins are integrally connected to the main tube that increases the surface area making it heat transfer coefficient as much as possible.
  • Two pressure gauges are integrated on the metal built control panel to monitor output pressure and tank pressure.
  • Four big round rubber feet holds smooth ground firmly causing less vibration and silent work environment.
  • Packed with industrial grade rugged ‘Air Filter’ to stop entering unwelcome moisture and dust.
  • Right at under the tank is the drain valve having a lever handle for water drainage.
  • Thermal overload relays controls the motor when current is too high for long time
  • There is a cool small storage to keep small hand-tools.


Every Makita air compressors are carefully examined and scrutinized before delivering on the market. In case of any dissatisfaction, you will be entitled to get full refund or replacement within 30 days of purchase.

Makita air compressors are backed up by 1 year limiter service; if there are any manufacturing defects during the warranty period, what you need to do is just send the unit to any nearby Makita authorized service center. They will take care of it.


MAKITA MAC5200 is built for performance, Nooooooooo Doubt. If tank-size and SCFM rating match with your demand and noise is not a major concern, don’t wait. You will be thankful for it.

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