Privacy Statement

The operator of Air Compressor Agency (“,” “we” or “us”) cares about your privacy and the security of your information. We want you to be familiar with how we collect, use and disclose information.

The privacy policy of a website has been the best priority to website owners & search engines that they really care about. Most of the time the visitors of a particular website stay concerned & worried about their personal data like password & credit card information. If you visit Air Compressor Agency, you must know the privacy policy terms of our website.

By accessing Air Compressor Agency, you agree to share some basic data with us. We collect some general data from your browser that we don’t use to violate your privacy or do not use in any spam activities.

I can assure, you are completely safe by browsing Air Compressor Agency. We do not use your personal data in any vulgar activities. We understand and care about your personal data privacy. If you are still concerned and interested to know what type of personal data we collect & where do we use those information’s, please continue reading.

In this privacy policy page of our website, We will try to answer all the frequently asked questions to make you comfortable using Air Compressor Agency.

  1. Why Do We Collect Personal Data?
  2. What Type of Personal Data Do We Collect?
  3. How Do We Collect Data When You Visit Air Compressor Agency?
  4. Do You Steal Any Data, Photos or Videos from My Computer?
  5. Can I Stop You Collecting My Personal Data?
  6. Is Collecting This Kind of Personal Data Legal According to The Federal Trade Commission?
  7. How Could I Believe You Are Not Lying?

Cookies & Data Collection

Cookies are considered as small pieces of data that your device store for future use to provide fast & smooth internet browsing advantages. Depending on developer instruction, cookies can be stored on your device from 24 hours to 90 days.

Most of the giant websites like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google and other popular sites store cache & cookies from user browser.

What Cookies Contains?

Cookies basically contain some general information about a website.

  • How long you have been visiting the website?
  • What Page Did You Visit Most?
  • When Did You Visit the Website Last Time?
  • If You Fill Any Form, It Saves Only Non-Sensitive Data.

Cookies contain First Name, Last Name, Address, Age, User Behavior & User Psychology that webmaster can use to improve better user-experience. Cookies do not contain any sensitive information like password & card information.

If you don’t want a website to track your browsing data, you can surf the internet using incognito mode of your browser or deny cookie when you browse a website for the first time.

Data Controller

Data Controller is a term that refers to an authority who has the legal right to use data in a legal way. As you are visiting Air Compressor Agency, we, the authority are the data controller and we promise not to use your personal data in any harm activity.

Data Processor

Data Processor is a similar term of Data Controller. A data processor processes the data, collected from the cookies or forms placed on the website. Data Processor processes data on behalf of data collector to ensure the best privacy for users. It basically sends the data to third-party data analyzer like Google Webmaster Tools.

How to Process Works?

Data collection and using method is an automated process that webmaster performs using website cookies. Basically, your web browser collects all the necessary information & shares with the website owner. Website owner analyzes all the necessary information from the webmaster tool & take necessary steps to improve the user experience in their website.

When you don’t like the UI/UX of a website & quit the browser, webmaster of that specific website can understand it and take the necessary steps to provide better UI/UX or content. This is the reason they track your activity.

Is the Process Safe & Legal?

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the regulatory board or authority who works to ensure people’s privacy and human right. According to FTC, the website owner can collect non-sensitive data and use for research purpose. You can read more about Privacy Policy in Wikipedia.

Types of Collected Data

If you are using our service, we may ask you to share your certain personal information to identify real human, collect data for research purpose & send promotional email as well. Besides collecting data from browser cookies, we use various forms to collect data from our website.

Here are some common data that we store to improve the user experience.

  • Name of the User
  • Email Address
  • Permanent Address / Business Address
  • Browser Cookies
  • Website Visiting Data
  • User Bounce Rate
  • User Behavior, Likes & Dislikes
  • Personal Interest & Shares
  • IP Addresses
  • Location & Internet Service Provider Details
  • Types of Device – Computer – Mobile etc.

Types of Data We Don’t Store

We respect your privacy & committed to protecting your privacy as well. We understand Username, Password, Credit or Debit Card information are some sensitive data that you don’t want to share with us. This is the reason behind, we don’t track this kind of personal data from our website.

How Can I Believe Air Compressor Agency Doesn’t Store Sensitive Data?

Well, we use data-encryption technology that encrypts your sensitive data like card information & password and makes it unreadable for any human. To know more about the process, you may read about the data-encryption process on Wikipedia & Google.

If you read, what is SSL & how it works? You will understand how this intelligent technology helping people to protect their sensitive information throughout the internet. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on our website that ensures your safety and helps us to gain people’s trust.

How Do We Protect Your Information?

As I mentioned, we don’t track or collect any sensitive information, so you are already safe & do not need to worry about your privacy. Additionally, we ask your permission before we perform any promotional activities. You can unsubscribe the promotional activities like a newsletter or push notifications anytime.

We perform regular malware scanning in our website to prevent hacking activities that help us prevent stealing necessary user-data. Our expert team helps us to ensure the best safety for us & our users.

How Do We Collect Data?

We collect data when you register on our website, subscribe to our newsletter & fill forms on our website and other general data we collect from cookies when you allow cookies. If you deny cookies, we don’t collect data from cookies.

Why Do We Collect User-Data?

Well, there have multiple reasons that force us to collect user information. But the major reason is to improve user experience on our website & help people to notify important updates and feature change. Most of the popular websites collect types of user data mentioned above.

Amazon Earning Disclaimer is a participant of Amazon Affiliate Program that helps us to monetize our website. Amazon Services LLC Associates Program is designed for marketers who want to promote Amazon products and earn advertising fees. We research and refer best products & services offered by Amazon, but we are not limited to only.

Do Not Track Signals

We do not track any signals from our users. Tracking any signal from users is illegal according to Google & Amazon. Most of the data we collect from our Google Webmaster tool. So, we don’t even need to set & track user signal from our websites. As mentioned earlier, we are concerned about user data privacy, we don’t track any signal of them.

Link to Other Sites

We always care about legal information that creates value on your need. We don’t share any fake information & do not refer any low-quality website that provides fake information. Most of the time, we link high-authority websites like Wikipedia, Wikihow & other trusted websites that ensure high-quality content.

Also, we link sponsored website & refer people to visit their website as this is one of our monetization methods. But we don’t link any scam or spam website that provides fake information or could be harmful to our visitors. We analyze the authenticity of a specific website before we link that website on our site.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Air Compressor Agency has the right to change, modify & update this privacy policy anytime to ensure user right, the privacy terms & promotional terms as well. As a partner of Amazon LLC. Affiliate Program, we regularly check Google & Amazon privacy updates & modify our privacy policy as well. This helps us keeping our-self updated with latest privacy system.

Information for Users Outside the United States

We care about the privacy of other country residence people as well. We have analyzed policy statements of European Commission and other major countries to ensure proper privacy of others country residence. We further analyze & according to these policy statements we update our policy regularly. We assure you are always safe on our website.

If you want to know more about our privacy policy method, just reach us here.  

Last Updated: January 27, 2019