Makita MAC2400 Review: A Surprising Air Compressor To Help You !

Introducing Makita MAC 2400, the revolutionary best air compressor with 50 % duty cycle and best compact air compressor for construction. This is a 130 PSI, 3.2 gallon, 120-volt electric hand-carry compressor. This Makita MAC2400 Review includes every details with the intention to help you.

The 2.5 Horsepower motor rotates at low 1720 RPM. Lower RPM means less noise and easy startup. The unit has been designed with big bore cylinder making it capable to inhale and compress large volume of air at one stroke.

Featuring 4.8 CFM @ 40PSI and 4.2 CFM @ 90 PSI, this is the right grade for jobs in constructions, trim carpenters, deck builders and remodelers. The Makita

MAC2400 is built to handle the most demanding nailing and stapling applications such as sheathing and decking. It is versatile enough to handle the needs of a large trim carpenter crew or remodeler.

Your air compressor is a true workhorse tool. All contractors require industrial grade compressor for tough job site performance. So, get one that produces industrial performance with increased durability, less noise and faster recovery.

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Makita MAC2400 Review in Detail

Motor and Pump

Motor and pump are the basic components of an air compressor. Makita provides with world class motor and pump to ensure longer lasting and improved performance during work. The unit includes a 2.5 Horsepower 4-Pole brushless motor having low 1720 RPM and considerably low amperage draw (only 12.3 amps).

Yes, you  heard right 1720 Rotation Per Minute (RPM). A motor with minimized RPM produces less heat thus no chance of burning damages. 15 Amp outlet at your house can power up a 12.3 Amp motor at ease without the hassle of circuit breakers.

Here Makita MAC2400 shines; it is profiled with an oil-lubricated big bore pump  making it best air compressor for construction. Some low priced air compressor includes universal oil-less pump and not ideal for construction.

However, you may be wondering about the term “Big Bore Pump”. Before explaining, let’s talk about how a pump works.

A pump functions in the same way a medical syringe does. When the handle is pulled, the cylinder inhales a certain amount of air. When the handle is pushed fast, air comes out with force.

The same way a pump with the mechanism of a piston, a connecting rod and a cylinder works. The hollow space inside the cylinder is called bore.

The wider a cylinder, the bigger is the bore.  The piston’s journey from top to bottom is termed as STROKE. You have heard several times 4-stroke engine this is because the engine has 4 cylinders with 4 pistons. When 4 pistons complete one movement from top to bottom, they complete 4 strokes at a time.

Cheap and consumer grade air compressors are usually designed with universal narrow pump as you see in Fig 1. Narrow bore pump inhales less amount of air when compressing air into the tank. To fill a 2-gallon tank, a narrow bore cylinder has to pump almost two times more than Makita’s big bore pump.

The frequency of stroke overheats the pump thus reducing the survival time of the pump.  Furthermore, pump having small bore takes longer time to replenish an air tank since they deliver less amount of compressed air.

When it comes to an oil-less or oil-filled pump, professionals work in construction should give preference to an oil-lubricated unit. Continuous sliding of the piston along the cylinder creates friction resulting in overheat, excessive sound and rapid wear. The duty cycle is also limited with oil-less unit. For continuous use, they can hardly meet a professional’s demand.

This best air compressor for construction has a 3.2-gallon twin-stacked air tank, which, combined with 2.5 horsepower motor and innovative pump, deliver high SCFM and sustain 130 PSI. This guy is meant to be portable and used by big carpenter crews.

The volume of air the tank holds cannot run continuous use heavy tools like sanders, die grinders used in automotive repair. If you want a unit for the garages and workshop, this is not meant for you.


Producing 4.8 CFM @ 40PSI and 4.2 CFM @ 90 this air compressor is ideal for professional woodworkers. The output rating can run all air tools used by carpenters with ease.

Makita MAC2400 includes extra-large pump to ensure maximum performance at your jobsite. This unique designed pump can compress max air pressure up to 130 PSI in a 4.2-gallon Stack Tank. So, your compressor gets faster recovery and increase productivity.

Decibels of Noise

Makita MAC2400 operates at 79dB of sound level. This is not the quietest compressor but still much lower than a blender machine. You can continue conversations without the need to stop the device.

Dimension and Portability.

The Makita MAC2400 is a robust, sturdy and compact air compressor. This best compact air compressor is  77 lbs. Carpenters who moves little buy this compressor. It may seem cumbersome and heavy. Listen, the weight comes from its metal construction and quality component ensures long lasting.

Makita MAC2400 is 20 inches long ,18 inches wide and 18.8 inches high. The well-balanced dimension gives increased mobility when carrying.

Additional features !

Makita MAC2400 includes lots of extra conveniences:

  • Makita is concerned about each detail of their products. Instead of cheap plane tube used in many cheap compressors, they have installed industrial grade heat exchanging copper alloys finned tube to transfer compressed air form pump to air tank.
  • Finned tube heat exchanger is engineered with a copper pipe and numerable alloy construction fins mechanically attached to the tube. Due to having extended outer surface, finned tube does not create excessive heat and supply cool air as much as possible into the tank.
  • Key mechanical components including pump and motor are fully protected by a rigid roll bar frame, steel perforated sheet, and front faced metal panel and console. You need not to worry of unexpected bump or dropping down.
  • Cast iron built piston and cylinder with oil lubrication feature keeps the pump cool and durable. Disassembling and repairing is a snap with this device. You can do it at your home if you have prior experience with similar mechanism.
  • Lubricant level sight glass allows you to monitor oil level and gradual oil color change with the course of time. You should change oil before depositing too much black carbon and getting filthy.
  • Beneath the tank there is plastic coated lever handle drain valve that you can let any air moisture inside the tank out or just let it run dry.
  • Two pressure monitoring barometers are to control pressure inside the air tank and to regulate two quick connect couplers.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Packed with industrial grade rugged ‘Air Filter’ to stop entering unwelcome moisture and dust.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Thermal Overload Relay monitor the flow of electricity and prevent motor from burning and overheating during electrical surge.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Duel 1/4″ Universal air outlets (447013-E) allow two persons work at a time thus increasing productivity at jobsite.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Four big round rubber feet holds smooth ground firmly causing less vibration and silent work environment
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Backed up by one year warranty.


Makita MAC2400 does have a lot of special things that would be built into an oil-filled professional grade high-end air compressor. MAC2400 produces the air necessary to support up to three framing nailers or two roofing nailer simultaneously.

Additionally, the innovative design of the unit provides professional contractors with increased durability and versatility. If you have to move a lot when working, please check Makita MAC100Q Review