5 Best Industrial Air Compressor Reviews | 30,60,80-GallonTank

I want to give a few tips here in best industrial air compressor reviews to help you pick out the best for your needs. Best stationary air compressors for industry, automotive workshop, gas station are packed with varied capacity, features, specifications and tank size. Here I have reviewed best 30 gallon air compressor, best 20 gallon air compressor, best 60 gallon air compressor and best 80 gallon air compressor. Getting the right one is nothing sort of confusing. To get started two questions you need to ask yourself :

  • How often do you plan to use the compressor?
  • What kind of working are you planning to do with it?

This will tell you to determine things like PSI, CFM and if you need a one or two stage compressor. Single stage compressors are perfect for occasional use of air tools like nailers and inflation.

These compressors are usually portable and small stationary units and up to 30-gallons in size. Furthermore, single stage compressors are usually limited from anywhere between 120 and 144 PSI and run one tool at a time.

Two-stage air compressors and large single stage stationary units are built for everyday use with high demand air tools and if you're operating more than one tool at a time, it will keep your tools running longer and with higher operating pressure.

A 60 to 80-gallon air compressor would be necessary for this type of work. keep in mind that some larger compresses need more power to run so having a dedicated circuit for the air compressor may be required.

Depending on the nature of your job make the choice between oil or oil-free compressors. Pro-Force VLF1582019 20-gallon vertical air compressor is oil-free that means less maintenance for you but possibly a shorter life span for the compressors.

Oil-lube units are generally larger but last much longer and provide higher performance. They will give you more air with longer run times for tools like ratchets, hammers and impact and they are built for industrial use.

You also need to know how much air pressure your air tool requires. Most tools need 90 psi to work properly but this varies between tools. Be aware of what are your working with.

Another important fact is a cubic feet per minute or CFM which is flow rate of pressurized air. An easy way to figure this out is to find the CFM rating in the most powerful tool you have. Then find an air compressor with a higher rating and then the tool will run without a glitch. Now you know the details- consider before you buy.

Industrial Air 80-Gallon

Industrial Air 60-Gallon

Industrial Air 30-Gallon

North Star 20-Gallon

WEN 2202 20-Gallon

1. Industrial Air IV5048055: Best 80-Gallon Air Compressor

This is an amazing air compressor that you will work to get for your day to day operations. This heavy duty air compressor is build to maximize performance. It comes with a stable cast-ion cylinder body with stainless steel reed valves and a control panel to help you monitor the gauges and valves from one point. A common problem of Industrial Air's compressors is they get hot.It is complained by many users.  

This is a great air compressor that you can use at home and even for small jobs at your garage or warehouse. Industrial Air IV5048055 Vertical 80 gallon 2-Stage Cast Iron Industrial Air Compressor this remarkable air compressor performs better than many air compressors that you can find in the market these days. The air compressor is a stationary unit but delivers amazing pressure hat can power many tools and devices at once. In addition, the manufacturer used cast iron to make both the compressor pump and 80-gallon tank.

Other features include:

  • It can deliver an impressive 17.9 CFM at a PSI of 100 or 17.0 CFM at a PSI of 175.
  • Has a heavy-duty industrial design that plays the vital role of protecting the motor from fluctuations of voltage.
  • Offers well-designed heavy duty and a 5.2 HP motor that uses 230 volts.
  • It is made of rugged cast iron materials.
  • Features a pre-wired, mounted magnetic started.

In addition, the air compressors 2-stage pump is patented and there is a thermal overload protection system that prevents any damages to the motor as a result of voltage fluctuation. It also has a vertical design to minimize storage and to always provide a ground stable base.

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2. Industrial Air ILA4546065: Best 60-Gallon Air Compressor

If you are looking for an air compressor that will deliver power and efficiency, then you should consider Industrial Air ILA4546065 60-Gallon ​3-Cylinder Air Compressor. First and most importantly, this air compressor delivers 14 CFM at 90 PSI and with a large tank, it means that it will run for a long time.

This air compressor operates on electricity and delivers 4.7 HP from its 240 volt motor. Thai r compressor has the ability to deliver a maximum of 155 PSI. It also has durable inner workings that include a cast-iron three cylinder oil-lubricated pump. The entire pump weights 25 pounds and measures 38 by 29 by 76 inches.

It takes less than 5 minutes to go from zero to 150 PSI and less than a minute for recovery. This air compressor has a 2-year warranty and it comes with synthetic oil and belt guard. Its intuitive standard functionality includes an on/off switch, a pressure gauge, etc. In addition, shipping is easy, but this probably varies from one place to another.

Many people who use this air compressor haven’t said anything bad concerning its performance. In fact, many reviews online indicate that this air compressor is long lasting.  Some of the key features f this air compressor are: large tank; built to last; delivers a powerful 155 PSI maximum; the stand-up design means that it won’t take up much space in the shop; environmental friend and quieter than gas options; and oil-lubricated pump.

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3. WEN 2202 Oil-Lubricated: Best 20-Gallon Air Compressor

Portability and user convenience are the focused feature of this unit. The air compressor only weighs 86 pounds and although it may seem heavy but when you consider all high quality air compressors, you will realize that this one is lighter. In addition, it has solid no-flat wheels that have excellent traction and are fairly large, thus making it easier for users to navigate in any job site.

It also comes with a really nice handle so that users can easily pull it around. Another thing that truly makes WEN 2202 exceptional is the fact that it is durable. After all, it was designed to be used at the job site and it can be used throughout the day.

Only quality parts are used to construct this unit, which is really good to know. Its tank is made of reinforced steel. If something goes wrong with this air compressor with two years after buying, you are covered by a warranty for repairs and replacements. With regards to pressure and power, the WEN 2202 20-Gallon Oil lubricated portable vertical air compressor is a force to be reckoned with. The air compressor can also deliver 135 PSI of pressure which is impressive considering the fact that it is compact model.

It can also deliver 3.8 CFM at a PSI of 90, while allowing for the option 5.0 CFM at a PSI of 40. And to ensure that users have the right amount of pressure, this unit has a dual pressure gauge.

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4.North Star Belt Drive Single-Stage Portable: Best 20-Gallon Air Compressor

This air compressor is engineered for durability. Nobody wants his/her air compressor to break down when working on important projects.

NorthStar ​Single-Stage Portable Air Compressor is designed with technology that will enable users to continue working without any interruption. It has durable cast iron V-twin pump which has oil lubrication as well as iron heads to ensure long service life.

In addition, bearings are placed on ends of the crankshaft to ensure better support and to reduce wear and tear. This results in reliable and dependable operation of the air compressor throughout the year.

Heat is known to affect the durability and performance of air compressor pumps. This is the main reason why NorthStar Belt Drive Single-Stage Portable Air Compressor has comes with a V-style cylinder orientation which eliminates hotspots and plays a key role in providing consistent cooling, which extends the life of the pump. In addition, copper finned after- and inter-coolers provide less heat moisture and less heat dissipation. The pump cylinder, crankcase and heads are made from cast iron to ensure longevity of the pump.

The belt-drive oil-lubricated pump on this model runs efficiently and quietly. This basically means less compressor noise in your garage or shop as you work on your projects using this tool. In addition to that, it comes with a 4 year warranty. This means that you can use the tool with confidence knowing that it has a warranty and if anything goes wrong, you are covered.

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Best Stationary Air Compressor for Mega Industries

FS-Elliott’s Best Industrial Compressors Reviews

Best Stationary Air Compressor Reviews

For over 50 years FS-Elliott’s oil-free centrifugal air and gas compressors have led the industry with a technologically advanced design that delivers reliable trouble-free operation with the lowest cost of ownership.

Offering a horsepower range of 250 to 5,000, with up to four stages of compression our compressors are ideally suited to a broad range of industries. every aspect of your compressors performance is governed by our multifaceted regulus control system.

This easy-to-use central control system features the most powerful processors in the industry and can be used either remotely or at the site of the unit itself. With the unprecedented control provided by the regular system, a manager can operate one or more compressors at a time.

While simultaneously achieving the greatest energy saving efficiency possible before entering the first compression stage in a multi-stage configuration, ambient air or gas must pass through FS Elliott's high-efficiency filtration system. From there an inlet guide vanes automatically adjusts itself to change in system demand regulating the incoming low velocity air or gas stream as it flows toward the first stage impeller with a pre swirl effect.

As the low velocity air or gas stream flows into the first stage stainless-steel impeller at the inducer, centrifugal force directs its flow to the trailing edge. From there the accelerated air or gas stream flows from the first impeller to a radio diffuser, which converts the airs high velocity into static pressure before the heated air enters the scroll casing.

To ensure perfect aerodynamics, FS Elliott will custom design both the backward leaning impeller and radio diffuser for your specific application. With each stage of compression, the air or gas temperature rises, pressure increases and volume decreases.

In addition to the impellers and radio diffusers, the rotor assembly consists of opinion supported by two self-centering tilting or flexure pad journal bearings. Shaft seals on the impellers prevent gearbox oil from contaminating the compression chamber. Powered by a high-speed motor, the pinions and central bullgear are machined to add more quality class 13.

After passing into the scroll casing, the heated air or gas flows through the interstage piping into the first-stage intercooler causing the moisture to condensate and separate from the lower velocity cooled air. Because FS Elliott intercoolers features straight through tubes. Cleaning is possible rather than costly replacement.

As the air travels through the corrosion resistant plenum, the separated condensate is removed from the compressor through a drain valve located at the bottom of the inter-cooler enclosure. By regulating the discharge of condensate, the drain valve increases the efficiency of the process by preventing unnecessary compressed air loss. Once the condensate is removed, the cooled air exits the inter-cooler and flows into the inlet duct for the next stage of compression.

During which the entire process is repeated the compressed air or gas then moves to the after cooler where it's cooled and any remaining moisture is removed. this highly energy-efficient process concludes with the delivery of ISO 8573-1 class 0 certified oil-free air -ready to power a variety of industrial applications.

Depending on the number of stages within the configuration, discharge pressure can reach a maximum of 350 PSIG or 23 BARG. Whether your application calls for a hard-working industrial compressor package or an engineered custom design, you can count on FS Elliott to deliver efficient energy saving performance ease of operation and rugged reliability.

ELGi ‘s Global Series Rotary Screw Best Stationary Air Compressor

Best Industrial Air Compressor Reviews

With over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial air compressors, ELGI’s equipment are strongly placed itself as one of the top players in the stationary air compressor manufacturing industry. ELGI's constant urge to set new standards in the quality of products resulted in the making of the global series of compressor.

The global series stationary compressor ensures value for money by offering the customer a giant leap in design performance and technological innovation with each component designed for reliability and ease of maintenance which makes it an ideal investment for any user.

The global series compressors have in place three stages of air filtration. The atmospheric air is sucked in through the pre-filter and then by enclosed air filter wherein inlet dust is removed by centrifugal action and finally by filter cartridge to supply clean air to the compressor.

A striking feature of the global series compressors is new generation capacity control system integrated with blowdown valve is installed at the compressor Inlet. The intake valve reduces starting current and optimally controls the compressor capacity during less demand, thereby saves energy cost.

The global series stationary compressors have an optimally selected heavy duty IE2 motor with reserve power to take care of power fluctuations. These motors come in various power variants and can work efficiently even at high ambient temperatures. The drive system is connected to the air end system by methods of a drive coupling. This ensures positive power transmission and enables easy serviceability for replacement of coupling element without dismantling the motor.

The Global Series compressors gain their efficiency by using ELGI's V profile rotors. This technology has helped in improving the overall energy efficiency of the compressors. This combined with the slow speed of air end, provides high volumetric efficiency which makes it best-in-class.

ELGI has applied the unique OSBIC process, oil separation by impact and centrifugal action which enables efficient air and oil separation with minimum pressure drop. This method enables the pre- separation of oil, oil mixture to greater extent and delivers consistent oil free air by passing it through a separator element.

The design of the global series compressors makes it very efficient in its air cooling capability. The separation of the cooling system from the rest of the unit by means of Closed Air Duct results in a unique cooling air path for the after cooler.

The cooling system has fans with integrated motors and wider cooling surface area enhances better cooling of hot air by using the ambient air.

The global series compressors have an Inbuilt Moisture Separator which is designed to handle high humid compressed air outlet from the after cooler. Up to 99% of the water gets removed by the centrifugal action and impact mechanism used in the separator.

The neuron II controller is a dedicated and extremely compact industrial automation controller for control of medium to large size screw compressors. The controller is custom designed and engineered as an advanced embedded control solution.

The global series also provides customers with the option of an inbuilt air treatment for moisture free air with the addition of ELGI's Airmate Refrigerant Air Dryer which works at high ambient conditions of 45° and delivers dewpoint of 3°.

Since the compressors are not operated under full load conditions, ELGI can serve and ensure substantial energy savings based on the load demand. The VFD control varies the frequency of drive, thereby increasing and decreasing the drive motor speed which results in 28% substantial energy save in lifecycle cost.

Another important feature of the global series compressors is its easy serviceability. Single door access point enables accessibility to the paths that need periodic maintenance and replacement and easy maintenance of the cooling system.

Global series compressors are designed and perfected to ensure the highest level of safety to its users. The compressor package and its pressure vessels are for CE and also for other international regulations like GB and DOSH. Other safety trips provided for the package are:

  • A motor load over trip
  • high sump pressure trip
  • motor reverse control protection
  • pressure relief valve
  • AOS change over time indication
Best Industrial Air Compressor Reviews

The global series stationary compressors have an intelligent control system with micro-controller edge and the comprehensive display system for visual identification of fault report which displays the previous 99 faults in chronological order with real time stamping and the type of fault. i.e. maintenance schedules like consumables change, motor greasing etc.

The ELGI global series compressors delights the customers with features such as high uptime, low lifecycle cost and high efficiency with very low operating speed, low maintenance costs due to longer life of consumables, low operating noise level, innovative design resulting in smaller flaw area for the compressor.

ELGI has time and time again provided technological solutions to many industries. Their advanced technological innovations and smart designs have resulted in ELGI being preferred as an ideal compressor solution partner worldwide.

​Looking for small compressor for home use or mid-size compressor for variety of home applications? Buy a 6-gallon air compressor.

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