California Air Tools 10020C Review-The All Around Model

California Air Tools 10020c Review

Before starting California Air Tools 10020C review, we devoted a lot time to determining how appropriate the purchase is.  We have found that 10020C is the best lubricant-free two piston pump air compressor. The device can compress 125 PSI peak pressure thus suitable for varied types of air tools. This guy puts out 40 PSI (6.40 CFM) and 90 PSI (5.30 CFM) allowing you to run many air hungry tools out there.

This unit is much quieter (70 dBs) compared to the power it has. It is powered by two horse power motor with low amp draw at 14 Amps which means you can use your regular 110-volt electrical outlet at home. Low RPM (1680 RPM) makes the induction motor quieter with increased durability. 

Pumps having one piston usually generates more heat resulting in limited longevity. You need not to worry about California Air Tools 10020C.

Thanks to California’s innovative extra-large dual cylinder and piston; it can deliver maximum pressure into the tank within short time saving both time and money. 

Given extra-large dual piston pump can fill the tank at start up in less than 125 seconds and takes 30 seconds of recovery time from 95 to 125 PSI.

Apart from basic key components, California Air Tools 10020C is profiled with so many extra features giving you best experience at the end of the day. Rolling flat tires allow to carry your compressors at ease at the jobsite.

The Easy Start Valve minimizes internal pump pressures making quick start in cold temperature. The device is also designed with thermal motor relay protection that controls excessive current flow drawn by the motor which means you need not to worry of overheating or burning of the motor.

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  • Maximum run time 30-60 minute at a stretch
  • The motor works at only 1680 rpm, Low rpm makes less noise and less wear.
  • The Easy Start Valve technology allows for a much easier start up, using less starting amps.
  • It's capable of filling the tank from empty to full in just 120 seconds, and the recovery time from 95 PSI to 125 PSI is a mere 25 seconds.
  • The new SP series of motors that have been designed to increase duty cycle.
  • The California Air Tools 10020C is one of the most durable and long-lasting air compressors on the market. With a life cycle before wear of 3000 plus hours, this compressor is perfect for heavy-duty use.
  • Oil-free technology is perfect for environments where dust and dirt are a concern. The dual piston pump system is engineered for high performance and durability, making it the perfect choice for any high demand application.


  • CFM:                        6.4 CFM at 40 PSI 
  • CFM:                        5.3 CFM at 90 PSI
  • PSI:                          135 PSI MAX
  • Tank:                        10-Gallon
  • HP:                           2.0
  • Noise:                      70dBA
  • RPM:                        1680
  • Volt:                         110, 7.0 AMPS    
  • Pump Type:              Dual Piston, Oil-Free        
  • Net Weight :            82.5 lbs
  • Tank Shape:             Vertical
  • Power Source​:         Corded-electric
  • Warranty :                ‎1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions:            16" L x 15.1" W x 35.9" H
California Air Tools 10020c Console Panel
California Air Tools 10020c Wheel For Portability

California Air Tools 10020C Review in Detail


The product stands out from the crowd due to having a powerful 2.0 horsepower induction motor. Users who have to power different variety of pneumatic tools, this best air compressor for pneumatic tools will give you unlimited power.

The more horsepower, the quicker an air tank gets filled and recovered. The CAT-10020C Air Compressor is engineered with Calofornia’s new SP series motor to ensure maximum duty cycle and extended durability.

When it comes to the frequency of rotation, the motor works at only 1680 RPM which is much lower than any other compressors in the market. Remember, no other facts can as maximize a motor’s lifespan as low RPM rating does.

In addition, the motor consumes only 14.0 amps which means you can plug the compressor to a 15.0 amperage outlet available at your home.


Furthermore, motor thermal overload protection feature prevents the motor from being overheated thus translates into longer lifespan. “Thermal Motor Protection Relay” is an automatically operated switch similar to tripped breakers that interrupts the overflow of electricity the motor draws.

Many consumer grade air compressors’ pumps include only one single piston that tend to last for a limited time and are likely to fail building pressure in the tank efficiently. Overheating is also another problem with them. California air tools 10020C is packed with two extra-large pistons in two Cast Aluminum Cylinders.

To let you know, two pumps have separate function when running; first pump compresses air and deliver to the second pump through an intercooler hose.

The second one again compress the compressed air obtained from first pump and transfer to the tank with extreme force through a flexible pipe.

One of the cunning features of California air tools 10020C is its interconnection between the tank and the pump through a steel braided flexible tube.

When pump is directly attached to the tank, the joining point tends to be weak caused by the continuous vibration the motor creates or when you carry it on rough terrain.

With this device, a flexible metal pipe has been used to join pump and tank. The joining pipe is designed with Heat resistant material which can sustain at 700 °c working temperature.


California air tools 10020C comes with a steel made 10-gallon vertical tank. This vertical featured air compressors can be stored easily at any corner of your workplace.

Two universal ¼ʺ quick couplers allow you to use 2 roofing nailers, 2 flooring nailers and 2 framing nailers. A ball Drain valve at the bottom of the tank is to release moisture.

The bigger is the size of tank, the greater volume of air can be stored. Given that the tank with 10-gallon capacity can power sanders and spray gun that require large volume of air.

The powerful motor and large piston can fill the tank in 130 seconds and takes 30 seconds of recovery time from 95 to 125 PSI.

Considering the size and type of tank, this is very popular with roofers, framers, general contractors flooring guys; ideal for anyone using a high volume.


Featuring 5.30 cfm @ 90 psi, the unit can run many powerful pneumatic tools like ratchet, light impact wrench, mini die grinder, light air hammer, nutsetters, sand blasters, die grinder, horizontal grinder, and so on.

Decibels of Noise

Traditionally the oil-less air compressors are louder than oil-filled but it is not true with this tough guy. The California air tools 10020C operates at 70 decibels.

However, the normal operating range is 70 to 75 decibels. you can use this air compressor without bothering anyone.

Dimension and Portability.

Weighing 91 pounds, this model cannot be climbed at any high position but wheel kit facility enables you to haul around at your workplaces with ease.

California air tools 10020C is 20-inch in length; 15-inch-wide; 30 inch high. This is big compressor for big projects. Homeowners having small tasks usually like Senco PC1010N air compressor around 100$.

California Air Tools 10020c
California Air Tools 10020c Attached TO Hose

 Additional features !

California air tools 10020C includes lots of extra conveniences:

  • The easy start valve directs enough air into by-pass to drain pump head pressure during engine starting. This creates low pressure and provide reduced load on the motor and pump resulting in easy start even at 0 temperature and preventing the hassle of tripping breakers
  • Packed with two air filters that prevent strong particulates like dust, wood particles, fibers, animal fur and hair from entering into the tank with compressed air.
  • Due to having duel air hose connectors, running two air tools is efficiently doable.
  • One safety valve to limit compressed air pressure inside the tank.
  • Optimized for power thus best air compressor for air tools.
  • Two gauges display tank pressure and output pressure.
  • Comes with 1-year limited service.


The California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet Oil-Free and Powerful Air Compressor is a great choice for anyone looking for an oil-free compressor that is both powerful and quiet. It is easy to use and maintain, and it has a long lifespan. I highly recommend this compressor to anyone looking for an affordable, high-quality option.

This lube-free and maintenance free air compressor is ideal for heavy duty applications. If you are afraid of intermittent maintenance, go for this unit. You can run a good variety of pneumatic tools.

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